Accessibility Policy

All pages within the BentoBot web app aim to conform to the accessibility standards which are set out by the World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and other accessibility guidance. It is tested against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. These guidelines explain how to make content more accessible for people with disabilities, and user friendly for everyone. All BentoBot pages have been designed to be fully accessible with the standards and encompass all disabilities that affect access to the mobile content.

We supply the same guidance to the users of the BentoBot authoring tool, where we aim to make our Learning Content accessible to the widest possible audience.

This means, for example, that you can:

We’ve also made the web app user interface as simple as possible to understand. Some of our content is technical, and we use technical terms where there is no easier wording to use without changing what the text means.

Accessibility functionality

BentoBot provides the following accessibility functionality:

Further functionality planned in future updates:

And further functionality can be enabled using the device/browser:

BentoBot is designed to be compatible with the following assistive technologies:

How we test BentoBot

We conduct internal testing against known accessibility issues manually. We also review the accessibility statement that is required by the accessibility regulations.

Accessible features we test manually:

For a simplified test we choose some core pages, like the home page, alongside a sample of other pages chosen from across the site. Manual tests can find issues with keyboard functionality, visibility of keyboard focus and reflow. These are common barriers to users with accessibility needs and are unlikely to be found using automated testing.

Simplified tests do not show every accessibility error and only a sample of pages is tested.

Reporting accessibility problems

We’re always looking to improve the accessibility of the website and app. If you find any problems which aren’t listed on this page, or think that we’re not meeting the requirements of the accessibility regulations then please contact our support team: [email protected]

We are committed to improve BentoBot’s accessibility. We continually monitor the accessibility compliance of our application and will strive to maintain required updates within a reasonable time frame.

Third party content

BentoBot supports third party content creation. There are “How to” videos supplied with guides on how to create content. Content created with the authoring tool outside of BentoBot’s control is the responsibility of the creator to ensure accessibility standards are met.