2 Jan 2024

Why tech is important for Learning and Development

by Dinesh Kumar, Co-founder

Technology needs to feature highly on L&D programme initiatives for many reasons, not least those are listed here…

Making learning fun.

Traditional learning platforms have real drawbacks. One of the main ones being they tend not to be as engaging.

With technology, we can inject the fun element, bringing in features and functionality that we know people like and engage with.

With gamification, we can amplify the feel-good fun factor, making learning feel less like learning. This is especially true for young people who may be more familiar with gaming.  88% of young adults aged between 16-24 play video games (Online Gaming Statistics 2023 Report - USwitch)


Technology today affords us outstanding life-like graphics that are visually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing.

Extensive content libraries can be developed, stored and deployed with ease, with relevant content presented to the learner for targeted development. 

Blending tech for a hybrid approach allows us to design learning journeys and programmes that are far more personalised and customisable and that can combine the very best software needed to fulfil L&D requirements.

Muti-modal, on-the-go learning.

Technology-based learning that spans all devices gives far greater freedom and mobility. 

Learners can log-in when they choose to, from any location, at any time. This removes many barriers and affords learners the flexibility to study when it suits their schedule. 

Speedy feedback.

With instant reporting for both learner and practitioner there’s no delay. Learners can quickly move through relevant pathways based on performance.

Practitioners can quickly gauge learner readiness to progress to the next level and which content is proving most effective in a systematic and consistent fashion. 

Reporting becomes very standardised and less biased, enabling a more objective assessment.

Empowering people.

With all of the aforementioned benefits technology brings to learning, one overarching and key one is that it changes the learner/teacher dynamic — placing many decisions in the hands of the learner and providing learning autonomy.

Immediate feedback.

AI tools can mark, measure and evaluate learners’ performance, aiding with reporting and learner insights and returning feedback more quickly.

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